I love collaborating with artists of various disciplines, and this page will be a chronicle-in-progress of some of the projects I've been working on. Please, have a look.



ongoing infusions of joy

About a year ago I was at a house concert and thought, “damn. I’ve got to start taking myself more seriously as a musician.” I had no clear idea what that would look like, and in general I’m not a huge fan of the word serious, but a seed was planted and now I am absolutely amazed at the changes in my musical landscape.

Podcasts and Sound Art  

audio sushi

Podcasting, like yoga, is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. I know it'd be good for me, and I'm sure my jeans would fit way better…

I am currently at work on the Truth Be Told story slam podcast. it will be released in bite-sized pieces here in 2019. Meanwhile, check out the one wee tiny audio project I have posted here.


the road to hell and a very clean refrigerator

Hi! Pardon my absence. I have slipped into the realm of poetry and the reception’s really spotty out here. Plus, it’s distracting. Crocuses are coming up. Dirt smells good out here. There’s sky.

Please come back later.

Zen Cabaret 


 Zen Cabaret is the illegal marriage of Buddhist contemplative art and vaudeville humor.