Let your truth be told. 

Whether you need to provide answers, ease concerns, or ignite imaginations - Nina knows how to bring more to your story. More straightforward savvy. More warm authority More client and listener satisfaction.


Voice Over Demos

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"It’s not hard to fall in love with her buttery-smooth voice from afar. Then you meet her in person and realize her glowing personality completes the package of a voice talent who not only works for so many different brands, but who is also an utter pleasure to work with. She’s become one of my favorite, go-to female voice artists, to the point that I have to save her so I’m not using her too often. Nina is a lovely human with a lovely voice I look forward to working with again in the future."





"When Nina showed up in Colorado from LA, we were happy to have another experienced voice in the local talent pool. At Coupe Studios, we nearly always source our talents from NYC, LA or London. I can't overstate the joy we take in having a truly world-class voice actor right here in our back yard. Nina's ability to understand and interpret a script is unsurpassed. Her background as a writer and performer give her a perspective that's incredibly rare and valuable. Her range is amazing - from characters, to narration, to retail - she really can do it all. Lots of VO talents have good range - but what makes Nina unique is that she's actually truly great in all of those roles. She doesn't just "pull it off" - she rocks it. Every. Single. Time."

Eric Singer, Partner, Coupe Studios