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About Zen Cabaret

Zen Cabaret: a contemplative burlesque is a site-specific performance event that debuted in 2002 as part of an avant-garde music series in a teeny tiny storefront theater in LA. It has since been produced in a cavernous art gallery, on a Hollywood rooftop, in a loud alleyway, at a wedding in the California Redwoods, several fringe festivals in Colorado, and at the NYC International Clown festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Taking on the form of a traveling medicine show, Zen Cabaret satirizes the evangelism of consumer excess, in order to subvert the widely held societal belief in scarcity, and plant the seeds of a Culture of Generosity. 

Each version is tailored to fit its particular venue and is comprised of a unique collection of collaborators, drawn from the community in which the show appears. This includes a revolving cast of actors, singers, poets, jugglers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, puppeteers and performers of every age and stripe. Thanks to this cross-pollination with artists of varied disciplines, Zen Cabaret creates surprising and hilarious venue-specific experimental music, combined with physical comedy, audience participation, homemade instruments and Absurdist Retail Therapy. Consequently, no two shows are alike.


the start of a Zen Cabaret Gallery 

i think too much therefore i am too much.

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